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The Most Popular Ostarine PCT

Ostarine is a popular selective androgenic reuptake modulator (SARM). In fact, a lot of those that body build toss around the word “perfect” when they bring up Ostarine. This product is what is referred to as being as close to testosterone as you can get outside of the human body. In addition to this distinction, this product has been tested countless times on human subjects. For this reason, it is appreciated by so many body builders who want a quality product that warrants good results.

The issue with most SARMs is that they can interrupt the body’s natural processes, so sometimes a post-cycle therapy product (PCT) is needed. Ostarine is a big milder in this respect, and although a PCT might not always be needed, but the only way to know for sure is to have blood work done before starting it. The blood work should then be repeated afterwards to confirm that your body’s endocrine system started working correctly after the SARM cycle is complete.

When using stronger SARMs, a PCT is all-but-necessary. The suppressive qualities of the stronger SARMs is so much so that the body needs a little nudge to get going again. That said, even some who use Ostarine will need a PCT as well. Ostarine has a non-steroid structure, so it does not convert to estrogen and DHT, but it may increase the level of estrogen because it blocks andrenergic receptors, acting like a testosterone mimetic. Estrogen is important because it does have anti-inflammatory properties, which are crucially needed when body building.

The PCT of choice for many bodybuilders is Invictus Labs “Alpha Boost” Testosterone Booster. This is a highly regarded product that is made in the United States and can help increase testosterone levels with a clean blend of natural products. The evidence is in with this product: people who use it love it.

The company makes some additional claims about a reduction of belly fat and increased stamina and energy. The human endocrine system has a delicate balance and it is entirely feasible that those that use this product may ephemerally experience these additional benefits, but the belly fat reduction may be more a byproduct of controlling estrogen levels. There are many variables, but the fact remains the body is not going to produce more of what is necessary to grow muscles and gain better results; these factors are genetically predetermined.

Ostarine will give the body a nudge while giving the user an advantage when it comes to getting stronger and gaining better results. It is innocuous when used correctly, and when coupled with baseline blood work, it can be a great tool for those that want greater returns for the hours spent in the gym. A PCT may be necessary, and if so, Invictus has the most popular product. Invictus is also a great poem that every bodybuilder should recite every time they enter the gym!